Arulmigu Sri Sadasiva Brahmendral


The Kalyana Venkattaramasami Temple

The Kalyana Venkattaramasami temple at Thanthoni, about five KM from Karur is one of the most popular temples in the district. The shrine of the Lord is situated on a raised portion of a hillock. The temple is also known as Then (south) Tirupathi.The rock- cave temple Kalyana Venkattaramasami Temple, popularly known as Then (South) Tirupati is situated at Thanthoni, around 5 km from Karur. The shrine placed on a raised portion of a hillock is one of the famous temples in the district. Lord Kalyana Venkataramana Swamy ( Lord Srinivasa) is the main deity with the Goddesses Sri Devi and Bhoomi Devi.

Shree Kalyana Pasupatheeswarar Temple

Lord Brahmma became proud of his position as Creator of the world. To teach him a lesson, Lord Shiva made divine cow Kamadenu come to Earth through Narada to perform penance on Him in this place, a forest of Vanji trees then. A divine voice instructed Kamadenu to worship the Linga hidden in an anthill there. Following the instructions, Kamadenu was pouring its milk on Lord in the anthill. As its foot hit the Linga in, it began to bleed. Lord told Kamadenu that He would be worshipped as Pasupathi Nathar as the cow (Kamadenu) worshipped Him and that Kamadenu would do the creation work.


Mayanur is one of the famous tourist attraction in Karur District, Which is situated bank of the River Cauveri and its comes under Krishnarayapuram Taluk's administration of Tamil Nadu State. It is believed to be the name Mayanur derived from the tamizh word maiyam,maiyanur its means center place in Tamil language, which is considered as the center place of Tamilnadu. In ancient medieval period, its believed to be a tri-junction midpoint of Chera, Chola and Pandiya dynasties and The Madukkarai Wall is a historic border fortification demarcating the boundaries of the three ancient kingdoms, The wall was supposedly erected by the goddess Sellandiyamman. It may be over two thousand years old.

Sri Mariamman Temple

Mother Mariamman, with Her four hands graces facing east looking slightly on the north eastern direction in a sitting form. People pray to the post in the temple with abishek and archanas with flower and offering curd rice as nivedhana which is very devotionally followed in the temple.The most important festival of the temple is the 21 day Vaikasi (May-June) festival celebrated in all grandeur. Aadi Friday in July-August, Navarathri in September-October, Deepavalii in October-November, Karthikai in November-December, Pongal falling almost on January 14, Friday in Thai month (January-February), annual consecration ceremony, Panguni Uthiram in March-April are other festivals celebrated in the temple.